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TRUST PROJECT is a card game you can play in real life or online.


When playing online, you use video conferencing software to show the other players your cards through the camera. The rulebook is written for Zoom, but players can use any video conferencing software for the game. 


The novel coronavirus outbreak has confined many of us to our houses, and prevented us from making contact with people from outside. To counteract this phenomenon, we’ve come up with a card game you can enjoy with your family in the house, or online, with people in different places.


2020 was also supposed to be an Olympic year.

In what was supposed to be a year where people from all over the world gather in Tokyo, we want to do the reverse - deliver "wa," the Japanese cultural concept of unity, harmony, and "Japanese-ness" from Tokyo to people all over the world.For this reason, we named the game “TRUST PROJECT.”


Click the button below to open and download the three main files you’ll need for the game (“Rulebook.pdf,” “TRUSTPROJECTcards.pdf,” “Scoresheet.xlsx”). You will need to print out the TRUST PROJECT cards after downloading the file. If you’re unable to do so, you can use playing cards instead. If you don’t have playing cards, you can play by writing the numbers onto memo sheets.


Use the “Blankcards.docx” file if you want to make your own cards. You can paste your very own photos, images, etc., onto the cards. You can also download TRUST PROJECT cards with different designs from the “Card Types” page.


We’d be delighted if this game acts as a sort of bridge to connect the world together.

Three Main Game Files

(The only file you really need to play the game is the rulebook)


Open “Rulebook.pdf”


Open “TRUSTPROJECTcards.pdf”


Download “Scoresheet.xlsx”


Download “Blankcards.docx”

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